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through the power
of understanding


Empowering businesses to make informed decisions,

through insightful, creative market, product and stakeholder intelligence and research.

Zebra26 is an evidence led market research and business intelligence consultancy dedicated to understanding behaviours and trends. Our key consultants have over 75 years experience working with medically related businesses. We focus on supporting start up, small-medium pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as medical device and equipment companies. 

We are committed to working with our customers and are proud to have a track record of being adaptable to our clients needs as they change whilst still providing excellent results through data and customer/ end user experience. We exist to give our clients honest and practical advice based on market data, stakeholder views and experiences. These can be built into a brand/portfolio throughout all stages of development

What do we do?

Listening, thinking, solving, shaping

life cycle

Understand your needs 
throughout the life cycle.

Bespoke methodologies 
designed to get to the heart
of the issue.

Data analytics to uncover
a trend

Gather insight through
exploration of the

Provide actionable
recommendations to 
address your needs.

What do we do?

Listening, thinking, solving, shaping

bespoke methodologies
exploration of the sub-conscious
actionable recommendations

Understand your needs
throughout the life cycle.


Bespoke methodologies 
designed to get to the heart of the issue.

Data analytics to uncover
a trend

Gather insight through
exploration of the

Provide actionable
 recommendations to address your needs.

We have conducted many different types of projects both small and large, from one market to several.
Here is an outline of some of our offerings:

Commercial Opportunity Assessment

Zebra26’s COA through data & insight, enables our clients to develop, design & deliver compelling new market entrants, indications or life cycle extensions. It is a highly cost effective approach to market sizing, grasping the issues & approaches to, for example, the current disease management, the ‘moving’ competitive landscape, regulatory environment, hurdles, barriers, risks & opportunities and insight required for the commercialization of your asset

Building and maintaining the brand

● We help to answer the key questions that drive any business who need to develop and optimise their brand through development to launch. For example proof of concepts, identification of value propositions, developing and testing your communication strategy of core brand values.

● During the launch phase the main focus is to confirm the optimal positioning platform in terms of the general reactions, appeal, preference, and clarity of the brand and assess any brand awareness prior to launch. We would be looking for global product constants to monitor for post launch tracking and whether anything needs to be implemented to overcome competitor resistance

● Post launch we have developed the Performance Accelerator. This supports companies in maximising the post launch return. Performance Accelerator enables Zebra26 to diagnose problems and surface opportunities to tweak current activities in order to maximize sales on behalf of clients

Harnessing the power of conversation

One of our key areas of focus is engaging with healthcare professionals as well as patients through different medium.

It is vital that companies understand different external perspectives to drive an idea forwards or change direction of a business. This could be in the form of insights to help the business design a product or service that meets their needs or providing a rich understanding of the impact a disease has on for example patient lives so that clinical trials are developed with the appropriate endpoints.

We have developed TouchPoint which enables access to and information exchange with the key stakeholders that characterise your market

What our clients say about us...

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Managing Director / Company Name

Roadmap to success

Minimise risk by understanding all aspects of your market,
product/ service/ device and end user.

Roadmap to success

Minimise risk by understanding all aspects of your market, product and end user.

Market Analysis

External environment/market
   landscaping (established or
        • Drivers of value and growth
        • Potential/size of  
External influences
        • Key players/competitor  
          review and assessment
        • Market priorities
Potential roadblocks to success
        • Entry criteria, market  
          access channels,  
          reimbursement issues 
Market entry and access
sales growth

Customer Focus

•  Decision maker/customer
•  Product/service evaluation
•  Unmet need identification
•  Value proposition 
•  Customer/end user experience

Brand Positioning

•  Idea generation
•  Competitor positioning  
•  Match USP against need and
•  Communication strategy

Future Direction

•  Life cycle management
•  New markets/customers 
•  Implementation solutions
•  Go/no-go decision

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