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Reading between the lines...

Our offer is simply to help define products/services/ devices through understanding the marketplace by either the experience and behaviours of stakeholders or through data to determine the best course of action for our clients. We not only gather data and insight but shape solutions and future thinking. Experience has taught us many ways of eliciting understanding in order to facilitate change. We benefit from working with other expert consultants with specific expertise e.g. marketing, regulatory, health economics, patient outcomes, medical writing amongst others;  who can support us to deliver and implement solutions.

Our Services

Commercial Opportunity Assessment

Gauging potential for your asset & defining direction. Zebra26’s COA ™ through data & insight, enables our clients to develop, design & deliver compelling new market entrants or life cycle extensions. We help you to obtain a detailed understanding of the chosen market, its dynamics, competitors and confirm clinical positioning and market segmentation; whether that is for a start up company or those looking to expand into a different therapy area, indication or country.

Brand Maintenance

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Building the brand

We help to answer the key questions that drive any business and need to develop optimum communication of core brand values

Performance Accelerator

Helping you maximise the post launch return by discovering what you do not know. Comprises competitor watch and positioning, customer experience as well as internal stakeholder reviews e.g. sales force (remote or face to face)

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