Commercial OpportunityAssessment

Commercial (market/ disease) Opportunity Assessment

We help you to obtain a detailed understanding of a chosen market, its dynamics, target customers and extent of the commercial opportunity for your product or device; whether that is for a start up company or those looking to expand into a different therapy areas or even countries. 

Helping you understand what you do not know

Which market is the company to concentrate its efforts? What is the size of that market?
Who are the key influencing customers in the market?  What value do they place on your proposition?
What environmental factors are likely to impact on the potential market and products/services/device?  
What is the extent of unmet need in this disease area/market? Does your offering meet those needs?  
What is the competitive environment and how is it likely to change over the forecast period? Movers and shakers
What will be the clinical positioning and do you need to identify customer sub groups?
What will be the market access market entry requirements and barriers at and beyond launch?
What is the size of the target market/ indication in value and volume? 
Can the asset be used in other indications?

KOL proof of principle research

KOL Proof of
Principle Research

market landscape

Market / Disease



Our assessments can cover:

External environment/market landscaping (established or emerging)

  • Review by target customers of the business offering and the value that it offers
  • Identification of market potential/size of opportunity

External influences

  • Key players and competitor review and assessment
  • Market priorities

Potential roadblocks to success

  • Entry criteria, market access channels
  • Influencers/influences
  • Market entry considerations

We also undertake Disease Area Evaluations for early stage/lead optimisation assessment of compounds. This helps to answer where a business should be concentrating their efforts and commercial evaluations in terms of potential size, unmet need and level of development risk.

Evidence based solutions

Our aim is to ensure that we provide both strong data and where required qualitative feedback and insights. Our quant experts have extensive experience in utlilising secondary data collection sources; from prospective, retrospective, cross-sectional and longitudinal non-interventional observational methodologies and data collected via existing datasets.

For example administrational data, public healthcare EMR’s and existing public disease and product registries. This ensures that we offer our clients a comprehensive view of the brand and markets they are entering into.

Our research has provided our clients with strong foundations for their business and marketing plans, given direction in terms of future development requirements as well as securing funding. 

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