Harnessing the powerof the patient

Harnessing the power of the patient

Why consider a patient perspective?

It is vital that companies understand the patient perspective to drive an idea
forwards or change direction of a business.

From a business perspective

  • Insights help you to design a product or service that meets their needs and ensures your business has an external rather an internal perspective
  • Consumer input allows you to evaluate ideas for lifecycle extensions to your business
  • Uncover why your business is not performing to its maximum potential

From a healthcare perspective

Provide a rich understanding of the impact a disease has on for example patient lives so that clinical trials are developed with the appropriate endpoints. Turning insight into health claims
Help your company explore potential strategies to educate patients via the healthcare professionals thus giving direction on communication tools and media
Give a view on how they seek information for particular complaints/ ailments providing insight into an optimal communication strategy and key touch points

Using patient insights helps develop all elements of your marketing and communication strategy

An emotional and rational user journey has the power to change minds by providing a richer and deeper understanding of a disease and its impact on the patients that suffer from it. Patients employ their own coping strategies and clinical measures of success when dealing with their condition. 

We have conducted, for example, ethnography studies for our clients that have enabled them to  use these outputs in many different ways that had a positive impact on the brand …

  • Value proposition development
  • Creation of brand imagery and vocabulary which resonate with customers
  • Input into physician and or patient support communication and materials (barriers and drivers)

We specialise in working with the end users of devices/ instruments/ utilities (patients, consumers, professionals) such as delivery systems, respiratory inhalers, hospital beds, prefilled syringes etc… to ensure that each are launched meeting a need

  • Exploration of an idea (understanding consumer / stakeholder and market needs)
  • Inspiring concepts for innovation (concept evaluation, preferred concept, concept testing)
  • Defining the concept (proof of principle)
  • To Delivery (validation)


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