Meet the team

Our Research Team

Senior consultants at your fingertips

Core senior project team picked to suit your needs

Expertise to match your project

Lean structure

No delegating to juniors

Membership of key market research organisations for compliance and GDPR

Trained on adverse event reporting

The team


Over 80 years of experience in research across the team

Our qualitative researchers love to listen and interact with people and get the best from different stakeholders. They regularly work with patients, Healthcare and business professionals. They are supported by the quantitative data solutions guys. They like to get into the nitty gritty of databases and design data solutions. Together they bring a wealth of experience to the projects from both agency and pharma/ biotech backgrounds.

They are supported by a patient access and outcomes expert.

 We reach out to our consultants based across the EU and USA when clients need to access local knowledge for their projects.


Based across the EU

Our operations team are based in the UK and France. The logistics of recruitment and managing moderators across different markets are their domain and ensure each and every project runs smoothly.

They can access any type of healthcare stakeholder from patients and payers to physicians, surgeons and other healthcare staff.


Marketing & Advertising

The Creative team look after the website, client presentations, infographics and other advertising needs.

We rely on them to make our outputs look engaging.

Where we work

We principally work within the EU and North America. With over 20 years of working in pharma and the market research industry we have built up a network of consultants, recruitment and moderation partners to support us on key projects. We do have global reach where required. 

global research

Experts in their area of focus

All previously held senior positions in pharma and market research agencies

Senior locally based project managers who understand their markets

We partner with a group of independent fieldwork suppliers / recruiters with offices in UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Scandinavia. All of the founders have at least 15 years experience of recruiting and interviewing across a spectrum of disease areas

Elsewhere in the world, we have developed a network of independent and highly experienced consultants to help provide insight into their local markets

Our approach allows us to be cost effective whilst providing you with high level experience and direction

Our wider network across the UK, EU and other strategic countries

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